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Jaime Dickinson, NCI CEO and SpeedCast VP for Latin America

As NCI CEO and SpeedCast VP for Latin America, Jaime Dickinson oversees operations and drives the company’s vision and strategic partnership efforts for Latin America. Under his direction, NCI has established two world-class teleports in Miami and Lima, Peru, opened full-service offices in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Africa and the U.S., and has emerged as a leading force in the global telecommunications marketplace.

Méndez Soleto


Wang Min, Professor, Vice President of ITS, CAST. He is the Spacecraft Academic Technology Leader of CASC and the National Youth Program Young top-notch talent.

He has engaged in telecommunication satellite system design and research for 16 years, and he has been responsible for the telecommunication satellite design and development of DFH-4 Series Bus.


Lieutenant Colonel Giovanni Corredor is the Head of the Space Affairs Department of the Colombian Air Force. He is directly responsible for the development and coordination of the policy and space doctrine of the Air Force, as well as a consultant for the defense and security sectoral policy.

Lt. Col. Corredor is an Electronic Engineer with specializations in telecommunications project management and in design of satellite missions. He is currently part of the working group that is developing the first space policy of Colombia.

Vielman Díaz


Sheldon Lopez has a Degree in Electronic Engineering with emphasis in Telecommunications from the Army Polytechnic School (ESPE) in Ecuador, as well as a Master’s Degree in Informatics with mention in Networks from the Simon Bolivar Andean University (UASB) and National Polytechnic School (EPN) in Ecuador. Additionally, he holds a Master´s Degree in Business Administration and Management from the Israel Technological University in Ecuador.

Gutiérrez Méndez


Aerospace Expert – Satellite Engineer - CHILE

RESUME – March 2017

Civil Engineering Engineer, State Technical University 1975. and Master of Science in Satellite Engineering, University of Surrey, England 1993-1994. Official of the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics 1976-2007

Gurgel Veras

Carlos Gurgel graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering. Following graduation, Gurgel spent a couple of years working on a factory of tire components. Mr. Gurgel return to qualification studies to pursue a master degree in ramjet propulsion and a PhD in combustion sciences (1997 – University of Sao Paulo and Technical Research Centre of Finland). Dr.